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Dig safely Publication date: 31.01.2005
Article database » Construction » Excavation
Over the years, poorly planned excavations have caused fatal accidents due to unsafe systems of work. How can a permit-to-work help you avoid this and how should it operate?
Mileage claim forms and liability Publication date: 31.01.2005
Article database » Transport » Driving
If an employee has an accident whilst driving his own car on business, the police may investigate you. How can you reduce your potential liability?
Creating some safeguards Publication date: 31.01.2005
Article database » Policies & Records » Policy
As homeworking gains in popularity, the potential health and safety pitfalls for you increase. So why not use our homeworking policy to help you establish ground rules that protect your position?
A big safety problem Publication date: 31.01.2005
Article database » Occupational health » Medical conditions
One of your employees has put on so much weight that he’s become a safety risk to himself and others. You know that you must take some action, but don’t know what. How far does the law allow you to go?
Inspecting high-level racking Publication date: 31.01.2005
Article database » H&S management » Inspection
You use high-level racking on your premises for storage and a colleague has advised you that it should be inspected regularly. Do you need an engineering degree or could there be a simpler solution?
Safety implications of working time changes Publication date: 31.01.2005
Article database
The latest. In December 2004, the European Commission (EC) issued a proposal, which if accepted, will amend the Working Time Directive. This follows consultation at European level into whether the UK’s use of the 48-hour week opt-out should continue. The arguments for its abolition concentrated heavily on the health and safety issues connected with...
Don’t ignore Improvement Notices Publication date: 31.01.2005
Article database » Enforcement authorities » Notice
If the enforcement authorities visit and your health and safety management isn’t up to scratch, you may receive an Improvement Notice. It may be tempting to ignore it, but following recent case law, is this approach wise?
Dangers of electric drills Publication date: 31.01.2005
Article database » Safe use of machinery » Miscellaneous
Risk of strangulation! Whilst you’re likely to be aware of the key risks involved in using electric drills, such as electrocution if used in wet or damp environments, you may be less aware of the possible risks of strangulation. These became apparent in a recent fatality involving a DIY fan. A lady was carrying out work on her home when she had an...
High-visibility clothing Publication date: 31.01.2005
Article database » Personal protective equipment (PPE) » Hi-visbility
Some of your employees work in close proximity to traffic. As a result, you’ve identified a need for them to wear high-visibility clothing for safety purposes. How do you assess what’s necessary?

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