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Dyslexia and safety Publication date: 14.02.2005
Article database » H&S management » Communication
According to a new report by the TUC, up to 2.9 million workers are affected by dyslexia. This could have some impact on how you manage health and safety in your workplace. So what should you be aware of?
Asbestos - duty to manage Publication date: 14.02.2005
Article database » Working with chemicals » Asbestos
What’s happening? On May 21, 2004 the duty to manage requirement of the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations, 2002 was introduced. If the press reports were to be believed, swarms of inspectors would descend on the 700,000 premises still containing asbestos. But in reality, little seems to have happened. Little enforcement activity. As it’s over...
Director goes to jail Publication date: 14.02.2005
Article database » H&S management » Organisation
SME directors at risk. There have been many press reports regarding the government’s continuing failure to honour its 1997 election promise of introducing legislation on corporate manslaughter. However, as we’ve previously advised you in Year 2, Issue 9, directors of SMEs are already vulnerable under existing legislation. A fatal mistake. This fact...
Safe planning of maintenance activities Publication date: 14.02.2005
Article database » Safe use of machinery » Maintenance
Maintenance and repair work may require the lifting of heavy equipment in order to gain access. Recent case law shows what can happen if this isn’t properly assessed first. What can you learn from it?
What’s the latest news? Publication date: 14.02.2005
Article database » Occupational health » Ill-health
Following the recent media coverage, concerns have been raised by staff on the amount of time they spend using their company mobile phones. What’s the latest government position on their safe use and how can you reassure them?
Keep tabs on them Publication date: 14.02.2005
Article database
A visitor slipped and sustained an injury on a recent visit to your premises. How should you assess the risks to visitors and what sort of control measures do you need to introduce?
Filtering out false alarms Publication date: 14.02.2005
Article database » Fire safety » Alarm
If your fire alarm sounds, you’d probably dial 999 and wait for the fire brigade to arrive. However, following some recent changes, their arrival may no longer be guaranteed. What’s the latest news and how could it affect you?
Beware falls from height Publication date: 14.02.2005
Article database » Enforcement authorities » HSE
The Health & Safety Executive has produced interim statistics on the main causes of fatal accidents in 2003/4. What are the key points to be aware of?
Getting the right staff Publication date: 14.02.2005
Article database » H&S management » Temporary staff
You need some agency staff to help out for a couple of months. You need to know if using them could prove to be a bigger health and safety risk than relying on your own staff. If so, how can these risks be reduced?

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