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Dispensing water safely Publication date: 08.06.2005
Article database » Environmental health » Cleaning
With summer on its way, it’s likely that those of you with water dispensers will be stocking up on your supply of water bottles. What possible health and safety issues could a bottle of water pose? You might be surprised; we were.
Safe access the tax-efficient way Publication date: 08.06.2005
Article database » Workplace » Disability
... is a cheap and effective means of; (1) contrasting changes in levels; (2) marking edges of corridors to distinguish them from walls, and; (3) highlighting doorways etc. For tax purposes, this counts as “redecoration” and is allowable as a revenue expense. This also applies to using paint to redefine bays in a car park to create a disabled car...
DVT and drivers Publication date: 08.06.2005
Article database » Transport » Driving
Whilst you’ve probably heard of the risks of Deep Vein Thrombosis from long haul air travel, you’re unlikely to associate it with those who drive long journeys for work. In light of medical research, what should you be aware of?
Must we provide outside facilities? Publication date: 08.06.2005
Article database » Occupational health » Smoking
Q. We recently got rid of our smoking area in order to have a smoke-free workplace. However, an employee has informed us that we must now provide external facilities for smokers. Is this correct? A. No, it isn’t. You’re under no legal obligation to provide any facilities for your nicotine-addicted staff. However, if you’re going to allow staff...
Protecting those working abroad Publication date: 08.06.2005
Article database » Insurance » Employers' Insurance
You may need to send staff abroad on business. Apart from health and safety issues, this raises questions about whether accident insurance is necessary. Following a Court of Appeal decision, what are your duties to provide it?
Gas leaks Publication date: 08.06.2005
Article database » Fire safety » Emergency arrangements
A colleague recently experienced a safety scare over a gas leak. To avoid this happening to you, you’ve decided to update your gas safety procedures. How should you approach this and what topics should be included?
A new type of inspector Publication date: 08.06.2005
Article database » Enforcement authorities » HSE
The Health & Safety Executive wants to introduce a new type of inspector which will only provide advice. Is this idea as good as it sounds?
Introducing a policy Publication date: 08.06.2005
Article database » H&S management » Lone working
The number of your employees who work alone has increased over the last few months. For health and safety reasons, you’ve decided to introduce a lone worker policy. What are the key topics to include?
Ex-director in the dock Publication date: 08.06.2005
Article database » H&S management » Organisation
Ex-director targeted. The trend of prosecuting individuals for safety breaches without including their company in proceedings has now taken a new direction following a recent prosecution by Kensington and Chelsea Council. In this case, Mr Khezri (K), an ex-company director of Bamboo Ltd was prosecuted. Unsafe system of work. This followed an accident...

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