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Drain doctor Publication date: 21.11.2005
Article database » Working with chemicals » COSHH
Our maintenance staff have to clean drains and clear blockages from the toilets. One of them has asked if he needs any vaccinations to protect him. Does he, and if so which ones?
Gas fired Publication date: 21.11.2005
Article database » Workplace » Gas
As part of your tenancy agreement, you have responsibilities for maintaining the gas fired central heating. You want to make sure there are no safety issues so, who can you call and is there a recommended inspection frequency?
Avian flu risks Publication date: 21.11.2005
Article database » H&S management » Miscellaneous
If the avian flu pandemic materialises, what are the possible health and safety implications for your workplace and how can you prepare for it?
Q&A - Eye tests Publication date: 21.11.2005
Article database » Occupational health » Eyesight
Q . One of my employees has asked me to pay for an eye test as he is having difficulties reading a display screen. He only uses the PC occasionally for data logging, and his main job is production supervisor on the shop floor. Do I have to pay for them and if so what options are available? A . Regulation 5 of the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment)...
Who called you? Publication date: 21.11.2005
Article database » Accident management/reporting » Reporting
In the event of a serious accident, who’s likely to arrive first - the Health & Safety Executive or the police? Probably the police, but why, and who would have called them?
Who’s responsible? Publication date: 21.11.2005
Article database » H&S management » Temporary staff
The Christmas rush is nearly here and you’ve decided you need to employ some temporary staff to cope. Who’s responsibility is their safety and what precautions should you have in place with the employment agency?
Bomb threat management Publication date: 21.11.2005
Article database » Policies & Records » Policy
The threat of a terrorist attack, although remote for most businesses, is still something that should be prepared for. Follow our sample policy and checklist to help you create a procedure for managing the event, just in case.
Inadequate risk assessments Publication date: 21.11.2005
Article database » H&S management » Special provisions
As you know, you’re required to assess any specific, job-related risks that a female employee faces as a result of her pregnancy. A recent case shows what can easily go wrong if you fail to do this properly. What can be learnt from it?
New driving offence Publication date: 21.11.2005
Article database » Transport » Driving
A proposed amendment to the Road Safety Bil l will introduce a new offence of causing death by careless driving. Its intention is to cover instances when a driver causes an accident: using a mobile phone, eating, pulling out without looking, exceeding the speed limit or falling asleep whilst at the wheel. The new offence is set to impose more significant...

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