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Don’t inherit any liabilities Publication date: 13.02.2006
Article database » H&S management » Audit/review
You’re in the fortunate position of expanding and are looking to take over another business. However, a colleague has advised you to review their safety record before signing on the dotted line. What should you look for and why?
Out of sight, out of mind Publication date: 13.02.2006
Article database » Risk assessment » Risk assessment
A new service offered by your business requires your staff to work at clients’ sites around the country. What are your responsibilities for ensuring the risks of doing so are adequately assessed even when the sites are completely different?
Are you kept in the dark? Publication date: 13.02.2006
Article database
Some of your employees have complained about the level of the lighting in their workplace. Is there a legal minimum level of lighting required and if there is, are there some simple options to achieve it?
Q&A - Fire alarm maintenance Publication date: 13.02.2006
Article database » Fire safety » Alarm
Q. We’re having some modifications carried out to the fire alarm system which means it will be inoperative for various periods of time. Is it illegal to occupy the building in these circumstances? A. It isn’t illegal to occupy a building where the electrical audible warnings aren’t working, as long as the power loss is temporary and alternative...
New rules on erecting mobile towers Publication date: 13.02.2006
Article database » Working at height » Scaffolding
You’ve undertaken a risk assessment of your maintenance activities and decided to use a mobile tower scaffold. You’ve heard about new rules governing their use. What do they involve?
Don’t be a dope Publication date: 13.02.2006
Article database » Occupational health » Drugs/alcohol
According to the government, cannabis use is increasing. What unexpected impact might this have on your business and how should you deal with it?
Q&A - Safety helmets Publication date: 13.02.2006
Article database » Personal protective equipment (PPE) » Hard hats
Q. Some of our staff wear safety helmets as part of their work. One of them has asked about how often they should be changed. What are the rules? A . A safety helmet is considered to have a life expectancy of three years regardless of how many times it’s been worn. But how do you determine the age of a helmet? Inside each helmet is a small “dial”...
That’ll cost more than a pound Publication date: 13.02.2006
Article database
You have pallet storage racking in your warehouse which has started to show signs of damage. Although it’s had regular visual inspections you’ve never had a full inspection carried out. Is this a requirement and if so, who should do it?
The right attachment Publication date: 13.02.2006
Article database » Transport » Lift trucks
You’ve been told that you can get an attachment that fits onto the front of a forklift truck that allows it to be used as a working platform. Is this true and if so, is it legally permissible?

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