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Must you accept a doctor’s note? Publication date: 03.07.2006
Article database » Occupational health » Ill-health
Are there different types of sick note? There are two types of sick note - the FMED3 and the less common FMED5. The FMED3 is the standard white sick note used to sign people off when they hit the five-day time limit (the statutory limit after which a doctor’s note must be presented to receive Statutory Sick Pay). The FMED5 is pink and is used for...
Got something for a headache? Publication date: 03.07.2006
Article database » Accident management/reporting » First aid
A subscriber contacted us with a problem. They found out that a first aider has been handing out painkilling drugs. They didn’t think this is allowed and are worried. What’s the legal position and what should they do?
Big bang, nice smell, large bill! Publication date: 03.07.2006
Article database » Working with chemicals » COSHH
An incident involving an exploding deodorant canister highlights the dangers of the incorrect storage of aerosols. So what happened and what lessons are there to be learned?
Where does your responsibility end? Publication date: 03.07.2006
Article database » Risk assessment » Risk assessment
For employers, a key defence to health and safety prosecutions is that an event is unforeseeable or that staff have been negligent. However, this principle has recently been challenged in the Court of Appeal. What’s the latest?
School’s out for the summer Publication date: 03.07.2006
Article database » H&S management » Under 18s
The holiday period can cause your business health and safety problems. What are they and what can you do about them?
Just call me “Danger Man” Publication date: 03.07.2006
Article database » H&S management » Consultants
To dispel the rumours that health and safety professionals don’t have a sense of humour, we found this. It was the topic of discussion on the Institute of Occupational Health and Safety (IOSH) discussion forum, in which a member suggested that safety professionals should be renamed “Danger experts”. If you introduce humour into your safety policies,...
Being seen and heard Publication date: 03.07.2006
Article database » Personal protective equipment (PPE) » Hi-visbility
Following another recent site vehicle fatality, the HSE released a statement that suggests wearing hi-visibility clothing could have prevented the accident. When should hi-visibility clothing be worn and are there better options available?
Steady on, old chap! Publication date: 03.07.2006
Article database » H&S management » Special provisions
Age discrimination is in the news again with new regulations coming out in October. With the new laws and potentially older workers you’re concerned about the safety implications. What are they and how should you address them?
We’re all in this together! Publication date: 03.07.2006
Article database » H&S management » Communication
You’ve put a lot of effort into getting your risk assessments right and creating safe systems of work, but your staff keep having apparently stupid accidents. There’s no single cause, so how can you deal with this irritation?

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