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A tight situation Publication date: 29.08.2006
Article database » Policies & Records » Risk assessment
Working in confined spaces isn’t something that should be undertaken without proper planning and risk assessment. So why not use our confined space permit to work and checklist to help you manage the numerous safety issues?
It’s too hot - I want to go home Publication date: 29.08.2006
Article database
“What’s the maximum workplace temperature?” is a question we’ve been asked by numerous subscribers throughout the summer. So what are the facts, and do you actually have to do anything at all?
It looks good on the shelf Publication date: 29.08.2006
Article database » H&S management » Policy
You’ve compiled all of your safety documentation in a file to create a formal safety management system. Surely this is enough? Asda thought so, but when there was an accident in a store, an inspector didn’t agree. What happened?
Some training might not go amiss Publication date: 29.08.2006
Article database » H&S management » Training
One of our subscribers contacted us following a visit from an inspector. During the inspection he suggested that some basic general safety training would be a good idea. Do they have to do it, and if so, what are their best options?
Bring your dog to work day Publication date: 29.08.2006
Article database
The Blue Cross animal charity have organised a “Fun Day” in September. It involves dog owners bringing their pets into the workplace. Although it sounds a nice idea, we’d advise you to think very carefully before you allow it. Can you imagine completing an accident report; “Mr X bitten by Barney the Rottweiler”, or worse. If you do allow it...
Can I wear my flip-flops? Publication date: 29.08.2006
Article database » Personal protective equipment (PPE) » Protective footwear
Some of your IT staff have started wearing open toed shoes and sandals to work. You’re concerned that they don’t offer any protection and leave you liable in the event of an accident. Where do you stand and what should you do?
Can I help you? Publication date: 29.08.2006
Article database » Enforcement authorities » HSE
The HSE have been offering free advice via their Infoline for a number of years. Are there any hidden catches to be avoided?
Playing the safety card Publication date: 29.08.2006
Article database » H&S management » Employee
Q. Some of our staff are refusing to complete their jobs as they’re saying it isn’t safe to do so. One in particular appears to be the ringleader and is pressurising his colleagues to follow suit. What options do you suggest to resolve the situation? A. It could mean a couple of things. It could be that your staff have highlighted a risk that you...
Putting everything together Publication date: 29.08.2006
Article database » Accident management/reporting » Investigation
An explosion which caused numerous serious injuries has lead to a company being prosecuted by the HSE. How did the accident happen and what basic steps can you take to avoid it happening in your workplace?

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