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Reasonable adjustment Publication date: 18.12.2006
Article database » Display screen equipment (DSE) » Workstation
An exceptionally tall worker is suing Barclays Bank following a back injury. What’s going on and how can you avoid a similar situation?
Inspectors waiting to pounce! Publication date: 18.12.2006
Article database » Accident management/reporting » RIDDOR
A colleague has told you that if you report a serious accident to the HSE reporting centre you’ll be inspected. His advice is to avoid reporting at all costs. This doesn’t sound right. So what’s the situation?
Get your audiometrics in order Publication date: 18.12.2006
Article database » Noise » Occupational health
Since the introduction of new noise legislation, you’ve heard a lot about audiometric tests. What are they, who needs one and if you need to conduct them, how can you minimise the impact on your business?
Review of accident reporting Publication date: 18.12.2006
Article database » Accident management/reporting » RIDDOR
The Health & Safety Commission (HSC) is currently reviewing the Reporting of Incidents Diseases and Dangerous Occurrence Regulations 1995 (RIDDOR). One of the changes that had been banded about was amending the rules on the nature of accidents reported to the HSE. The plan was to include road traffic accidents which occur whilst at work. This idea...
What’s hiding under your workers’ desks? Publication date: 18.12.2006
Article database » Fire safety » Fire risk assessment
Whilst completing a fire risk assessment one of our subscribers found electrical equipment they knew nothing about, e.g. mobile phone chargers, and aren’t sure what to do about it. What’s a sensible approach to the problem?
Got time for a quick one? Publication date: 18.12.2006
Article database » Occupational health » Drugs/alcohol
It’s that time of the year when we often think about sharing a drink or two with work colleagues. Having a “swift half” in the local at lunchtime or an office party helps to foster team spirit. But does it lead to other problems?
Getting the numbers to add up Publication date: 18.12.2006
Article database » Policies & Records » Risk assessment
... assessment Using numbers is known as quantified risk assessment. It sounds very scientific, but in fact it’s quite a simple and effective way of highlighting levels of risk. The process involves the use of numbers to predict the likelihood of different types of harm, i.e. fatality, major accident, minor injury etc. The calculations are based on...
Whose lift is it anyway? Publication date: 18.12.2006
Article database » Safe use of machinery » Lifting operations
A passenger lift in a shared occupancy building may well belong to the landlord but does the employer whose staff use it have any responsibilities? A recent personal injury case provided an answer that may surprise you!
News - HSE dermatitis campaign Publication date: 18.12.2006
Article database » Enforcement authorities » Campaigns
Skin damage. You may have been under the impression that hairdressing is a fairly low risk job. Apparently not! According to the HSE, up to 70% of hairdressers suffer from skin complaints, mostly in the form of dermatitis. The HSE think it’s such a problem that it’s created a website dedicated to minimising the risks (see The next step ). What can...

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