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The clock is ticking Publication date: 11.01.2007
Article database » Occupational health » Smoking
The smoking ban will be implemented across the UK in 2007. In preparation, the government have already released the draft bill. What does it include and when and how should you prepare for the ban?
Expensive exposure Publication date: 11.01.2007
Article database » Working with chemicals » Enforcement
The HSE have recently prosecuted a photo processing company after three of its staff suffered allergic contact dermatitis. How did it happen and how can you avoid similar action being taken?
Ban the box Publication date: 11.01.2007
Article database » Manual handling » Training
You want to carry out some manual handling training, but in your experience most courses involve carrying empty boxes and don’t relate to your operations. Is this OK, and if not, what should your training cover?
Don’t play with your navs Publication date: 11.01.2007
Article database » Transport » Driving
There appears to be an ever-increasing demand for technology on the move. Be it satellite navigation, MP3 players or a BlackBerry, a car wouldn’t be the same without them. But is this actually a safety issue?
Fire - it doesn’t discriminate Publication date: 11.01.2007
Article database » Fire safety » Detection
It’s not just about compliance. Have you been plagued by salesmen and inundated with junk mail because of the changes to fire legislation? More training needed, your old fire risk assessment isn’t going to stand up to scrutiny, and of course you need more extinguishers? Don’t get us wrong; many of the products out there are worth the money, but...
Getting the message across Publication date: 11.01.2007
Article database » H&S management » Training
You’ve decided to undertake some health and safety training yourself as opposed to employing external help. What basic ground rules will get your message across without wasting time and ensuring what you do is effective?
What’s on the board? Publication date: 11.01.2007
Article database » Accident management/reporting » Statistics
A colleague has suggested a good way of improving safety performance is to post your accident statistics on a notice board. You’re not convinced about the idea, as it seems a bit pointless. Is there any reason to do it?
Q&A - Can we have a kick about? Publication date: 11.01.2007
Article database » Workplace » Employees
Q. One of our employees asked if they could play football in the car park at lunchtime, but a colleague mentioned safety laws ban it. Is he right? A. There’s nothing explicit in any safety laws which prohibit sports being played at work. But we think you could cause yourself a lot of grief if you do. In theory you could be held responsible if anyone...
To grit or not to grit? Publication date: 11.01.2007
Article database
It’s an annual problem - how far do you go with gritting or snow clearance and what are the liability issues following an accident?

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