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What’s in place and what’s missing? Publication date: 12.02.2007
Article database » H&S management » Audit/review
Following a workplace incident at the end of last year, you now need to review your health and safety arrangements. What key areas should you focus on now and what can you sort out at a later date?
Mobile phone use whilst driving Publication date: 12.02.2007
Article database » Transport » Driving
Tougher penalties. The government has just announced that the predicted changes will be made to the Road Safety Act 2006 to increase the penalty for using a hand held phone or similar device. The changes will take effect from February 27, 2007. The penalty will rise from £30 to £60 and in addition to the fine, drivers will also have three penalty...
Reversing into trouble Publication date: 12.02.2007
Article database » Transport » Reversing
Reversing vehicles and pedestrians in the same place don’t mix as a food company discovered to their cost. What happened when the HSE investigated an accident and found a complete lack of risk assessment?
European challenge to UK safety laws Publication date: 12.02.2007
Article database » Enforcement authorities » Legislation
Managing all risks. A European Commission legal case regarding the way the UK implements European Union health and safety rules could throw a major spanner in the works to UK business if it’s successful. The case is based around the point that the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 doesn’t comply with European directives. The European Commission...
“Excuse me - I didn’t catch that...” Publication date: 12.02.2007
Article database » Occupational health » Monitoring
Recent figures indicate that 40% of over 50 years old have suffered some level of hearing loss. Is this a safety issue? If so, what can you do about it?
Gross negligence manslaughter Publication date: 12.02.2007
Article database » Working at height » Case law
A 17-year old worker fell to his death whilst working on a roof. However, even though a jury reached a verdict of unlawful killing, his employer escaped a charge of manslaughter. Why, and what might happen in the future?
Is there a quick-fix training solution? Publication date: 12.02.2007
Article database » H&S management » Training
You’re always receiving faxes offering training courses which claim to cover numerous H&S subjects in one day. But are they really value for money or should you be looking elsewhere?
How often should you hold a fire drill? Publication date: 12.02.2007
Article database » Fire safety » Escape plans
A colleague has told you that changes to fire laws require you to complete a full fire drill every three months. You’re not convinced, as it sounds a bit over the top. Are they right and how can you get the most out of the exercise?
Risk assessing the weather Publication date: 12.02.2007
Article database » Risk assessment » Risk assessment
Recent strong winds and heavy rain have prompted your staff to ask when they should stop working in such conditions. You’d prefer this doesn’t happen, but equally you don’t want to put them at risk. What should you do?

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