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Where have you been? Publication date: 08.10.2007
Article database » Working with chemicals » Exposure
When a member of a council’s workforce went missing for 24 hours, his colleagues barely paid attention to the fact. That is, until the case ended up in court. What happened and how can you avoid a similar experience?
Lessons from the Penhallow Hotel fire Publication date: 08.10.2007
Article database » Fire safety » Fire risk assessment
A recent fire at a Cornish hotel raised significant safety issues which all businesses should be aware of. What happened and what lessons can you learn from this incident?
Getting hitched Publication date: 08.10.2007
Article database » Construction » Plant and equipment
The HSE has stated that they will be paying close attention to the correct use of quick hitches (used to connect attachments to excavators). What will inspectors want to see if they inspect your site?
Is training on correct lifting techniques the answer? Publication date: 08.10.2007
Article database » Manual handling » Training
Some of your staff have suffered back injuries whilst working in your warehouse, so you’ve decided to put them on a manual handling course to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Is this really the best way to prevent further injuries?
Don’t get “Croc”ed Publication date: 08.10.2007
Article database » Personal protective equipment (PPE) » Protective footwear
According to recent findings, shoes called “Crocs” are a health and safety hazard and should be banned from the workplace. Is this really the case?
Avoid over risk assessing Publication date: 08.10.2007
Article database » Risk assessment » Risk assessment
... using a photocopier in the context of a copy shop? Significance is about you, your organisation and what it is trying to achieve. Tip. Start by highlighting those tasks that most affect your business - any which would not escape criticism if you did not have them. These are the assessments that you need to write first. Look at the list and cross...
Q&A - Do we need all these safety documents? Publication date: 08.10.2007
Article database » H&S management » Risk assessment
Q. Over the years we’ve managed to build up what we thought was a really impressive folder full of health and safety documentation. However, we decided to have an audit from a consultant, just to make sure everything was OK. They suggested that we should put most of it in the bin and follow a “less is more approach”. They said that’s what inspectors...
Inspection cut back Publication date: 08.10.2007
Article database » Enforcement authorities » HSE
Proposals. If the draft Regulators’ Compliance Code is passed (which looks likely), your chances of seeing an inspector from the HSE or local authority could be reduced dramatically. Why? Random inspections will become a thing of the past and the enforcers will concentrate almost solely on the few businesses that persistently break the law. As we’ve...
Are you protected? Publication date: 08.10.2007
Article database » Personal protective equipment (PPE) » Miscellaneous
One of your managers is convinced that you’ll have no problems from an inspector if he sees everyone wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). His view is that they’re safe and that’s it. Is an inspector likely to take the same view?

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