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Is Six Sigma something you should follow? Publication date: 17.12.2007
Article database » H&S management » Management systems
A colleague has informed you that they are following the principles of Six Sigma to improve health and safety standards. What does this involve and is it something that you might want to consider?
What are you intending to do on our site? Publication date: 17.12.2007
Article database » Construction » Method statement
If you’ve been asked to prepare a method statement for some forthcoming works, but you’re not 100% sure what should be included, why not use our pro forma to get you started and keep your document concise and useful?
Q&A - can we charge for PPE? Publication date: 17.12.2007
Article database » Personal protective equipment (PPE) » Miscellaneous
Q. We are taking on a number of agency workers for the Christmas rush. Due to the nature of their job, they need to wear protective footwear to comply with our risk assessments, but the agency we use often send workers without and we end up supplying them. As they are about £20 a pair it’s getting a bit expensive. What should we do? A. The Personal...
Was a dodgy ladder really to blame? Publication date: 17.12.2007
Article database » Working at height » Ladders
A recent case has highlighted that the enforcement bodies still haven’t lost interest in work at height, and in particular, the use of ladders. What prompted the HSE to take action in this case and how can you avoid a similar experience?
Have we updated our policy documents? Publication date: 17.12.2007
Article database » H&S management » Policy
Signature required. When safety policy documents are created, a “to be reviewed on...” date is often added. But can you remember when that is? If you can’t, often these documents aren’t re-signed and reviewed until months after the correct date. So if you think this applies to you, go through your documents now and alter all of the review dates...
Managing chemicals in the office Publication date: 17.12.2007
Article database » Working with chemicals » COSHH
It’s come to your attention that there are quite a few chemicals - albeit apparently low risk ones - appearing in your office. What, if anything, do you need to do to control these substances?
There’s a lot of it about Publication date: 17.12.2007
Article database » Occupational health » Miscellaneous
‘Flu, colds, sickness bugs etc. are rife at this time of year, and if you’re not careful, you may have someone distributing germs to their colleagues. How should you deal with staff who may be under the weather?
One after another Publication date: 17.12.2007
Article database » Fire safety » Enforcement
During the last few months, there’s been a succession of high profile fires, including one at the Olympic stadium site. What could this mean for your business?
Loading and unloading vehicles safely Publication date: 17.12.2007
Article database » Enforcement authorities » Campaigns
In our final look at the HSE’s Moving Goods Safely (MGS) campaign, we’re focusing on the manual handling issues faced by delivery drivers. What are they and how should you go about addressing them?

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