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Energy-saving lightbulbs - the truth Publication date: 11.02.2008
Article database » Working with chemicals » COSHH
You may have heard recently that energy-saving lightbulbs are dangerous. Is this really the case, or are the risks being exaggerated?
Alarmed at the response Publication date: 11.02.2008
Article database » Fire safety » Alarm
“Hello, anyone there?” Fire crews were called to a hotel in East Sussex when the fire alarm system was activated (in fact it turned out to be a false alarm). However, when they arrived they were a bit lonely - no one was there to assist them. This didn’t go down well and it prompted a full investigation by enforcement officers. They found that...
Can fire doors be locked? Publication date: 11.02.2008
Article database » Fire safety » Fire doors
You have a fire escape door leading from one of your warehouses, which is also used as a goods inwards door. For security purposes the door is kept locked at night, even though staff remain on site. Are you allowed to do this?
Racked up Publication date: 11.02.2008
Article database
Most businesses use racking and shelving etc. for storage, but if it isn’t used properly or maintained in good condition it could cause a serious accident. How can you prevent any problems?
Selecting suitable equipment for the location Publication date: 11.02.2008
Article database » Construction » Plant and equipment
A recent case has highlighted that poor selection of equipment and not considering the risks to members of the public can end in a serious accident. What happened, and what can you learn from this particular case?
Buy with confidence Publication date: 11.02.2008
Article database » H&S management » Consultants
A number of so-called health and safety consultants are promoting their competence using the “buy with confidence” scheme. What is it, and is it a guaranteed way of getting good health and safety advice?
Making your rules clear to cleaning contractors Publication date: 11.02.2008
Article database » Contracting » Management
You’ve recently observed one of your cleaning contractor’s staff totally ignoring your health and safety rules. Is it down to you to ensure that they work safely or is it their employer’s responsibility?
A lack of understanding Publication date: 11.02.2008
Article database » H&S management » Training
A Romanian worker in the UK recently lost a leg in an accident. One of the causes was that, because of his limited English, he didn’t understand his employer’s health and safety systems. How can you avoid a similar experience?
Scores on the doors Publication date: 11.02.2008
Article database » Environmental health » Food hygiene
Corporate entertaining. You have decided to take one of your important clients out for a meal. As their business is vital to you, you’ve decided to push the boat out, and go to an award-winning restaurant. But this isn’t always a wise idea. Just because a restaurant has won an award the food is presented nicely and tastes pretty good, it doesn’t...

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