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Corporate manslaughter is here Publication date: 21.04.2008
Article database » Enforcement authorities » Legislation
It’s taken twelve years, but the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act has finally hit the statute books. But do you really need to worry about it?
Removing fire extinguishers Publication date: 21.04.2008
Article database » Fire safety » Fire risk assessment
Experts recently decided that fire extinguishers fitted in the hallway of a block of flats should be removed. They concluded that the extinguishers posed more of a risk than a safety feature! What’s the real story here?
Refurbishment works - the fire risks Publication date: 21.04.2008
Article database » Fire safety » Miscellaneous
You’ve employed a contractor to do some refurbishment works on one of your sites. However, you’ve realised that your fire risk assessment doesn’t cover what they’re doing. Do you need to amend it, or is this down to them?
Q&A - does diabetes stop staff from driving? Publication date: 21.04.2008
Article database » Occupational health » Medical checks
Q. One of our staff, who has a company vehicle and travels many business miles, has been diagnosed with diabetes. Does this mean that they are no longer able to drive? Or if they are still allowed, do we need to ensure that any additional precautions are put in place? A. Being a diabetic does not mean they cannot drive a car or motorbike. Assuming that...
Don’t sell food with nasty extras Publication date: 21.04.2008
Article database » Environmental health » Pest/rodent control
Superdrug recently found itself in trouble after a routine visit by local authority environmental health inspectors. Evidence of rodent infestation was found at one of its stores. What happened and how can such incidents be prevented?
Q&A - are CRT monitors banned? Publication date: 21.04.2008
Article database » Display screen equipment (DSE) » Computer
Q. One of our IT staff has just been on a course to enable them to set up workstations properly and carry out full display screen equipment (DSE) assessments. They said that during the course it had come to light that CRT (cathode ray tube) or, in non-IT speak, old-fashioned glass monitors, are banned or they soon will be. They were a bit vague on the...
Rubbernecking Publication date: 21.04.2008
Article database » Accident management/reporting » First aid
When someone had a nasty accident on your site, it created much confusion and commotion and everything stopped - even those who didn’t work locally came for a look! How can you minimise the impact of an accident on your site?
Safe use of machinery checklist Publication date: 21.04.2008
Article database » Safe use of machinery » Procedures
Using industrial machines, such as drills and lathes, should be done in a controlled manner. Staff must be trained and maintenance completed. To help you keep on top of things, why not use our checklist?
A bit of a wheeze Publication date: 21.04.2008
Article database » Working with chemicals » Occupational health
You’ve been told that all of your staff must have lung function tests because some of the chemicals used on your site are hazardous and could cause breathing problems. Is this really the case?

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