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Q&A - should staff wear gloves to fill up cars? Publication date: 30.06.2008
Article database » Working with chemicals » PPE
Q. One of our staff has heard that if they get diesel on their hands when filling up their company car, it could cause dermatitis. Is this true, and if so, what do we need to do about it? A. The Material Safety Data Sheet for diesel states that it could cause irritation. But it doesn’t say that it’s a sensitiser or that it leads to dermatitis. We...
Q&A - can you have plasters in first aid kits? Publication date: 30.06.2008
Article database » Accident management/reporting » First aid
Q. One of our employees has just come up with a bit of a gem. They’ve told their manager that they’ve heard - from an expert - that we can’t keep plasters in first aid kits. What’s more, they reckon that if a first aider puts a plaster on a cut, they can be sued personally. Although we suspect this to be complete rubbish, we thought that we’d...
Special provisions for disabled staff Publication date: 30.06.2008
Article database » Display screen equipment (DSE) » Workstation
You’ve heard that if you employ someone with a disability, or an existing member of staff becomes disabled, you will need to make changes to their workstation. Is this true?
Are temporary inductions mandatory? Publication date: 30.06.2008
Article database
You have many visitors to your site but most stay in the reception and office areas. As most are only there for a short period, you don’t hold temporary inductions covering fire and safety issues. Do you need to change your policy?
Complete refusal to wear PPE Publication date: 30.06.2008
Article database » Personal protective equipment (PPE) » Miscellaneous
A subscriber has a worker who’s refusing to wear the protective equipment issued to him. If they get him to sign a disclaimer to confirm that he understands the risks, will this hold up legally? And if not, what should they do?
Working on scaffold supplied by others Publication date: 30.06.2008
Article database » Working at height » Scaffolding
You’ve heard that you’re not allowed to work on scaffolding that’s been erected for the use of others. Apparently, if you do, you have to take on ownership of the scaffolding and carry out the appropriate checks. Is this right?
Cutting and grinding, not… Publication date: 30.06.2008
Article database » Safe use of machinery » Procedures
It’s amazing what jobs can be completed with a cutting disc - many regular users will tell you what they’ve managed to do. But should a tool that’s designed for cutting be used for other tasks? What did a recent case identify?
Get ready for a two-year campaign Publication date: 30.06.2008
Article database » Enforcement authorities » Campaigns
We’ve got used to HSE campaigns that last for months, but its latest one is set to last for two years! Is it likely to affect you?
Learn from others Publication date: 30.06.2008
Article database » H&S management » Training
You’re trying to convince some of your staff to take health and safety issues more seriously. To achieve this, a colleague has suggested using case studies from others’ experiences. Is this a good idea?

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