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We’re back; have you improved? Publication date: 14.07.2008
Article database » Enforcement authorities » Blitzes
HSE inspectors recently blitzed a number of construction and refurbishment sites. What prompted them to do this, and what did they find?
How do we manage the dust? Publication date: 14.07.2008
Article database » Contracting » Management
You’ve employed a contractor to do some refurbishment works. One of their tasks is to cut into a concrete wall, however, this will cause lots of dust which could lead to health problems. How should the work be managed?
Reported to the authorities Publication date: 14.07.2008
Article database » Workplace » Employees
We’re from the HSE. One of our subscribers recently had a visit from an HSE inspector; as they are in the notoriously high-risk waste and recycling industry, this wasn’t an out-of-the-ordinary occurrence. However, when they asked why they’d been selected for an inspection, they were told that the visit was because of a report the inspector had...
Risk assessment for clearing drains Publication date: 14.07.2008
Article database » Policies & Records » Risk assessment
... our sample document (see Thenextstep ). This covers most of the more common hazards associated with such tasks and who they may affect, as well as highlighting suitable measures to reduce risks to an acceptable level. Tip 1. Remember that our risk assessment is for guidance purposes only. You should prepare your own, depending on local conditions....
The dangers of using broken machinery Publication date: 14.07.2008
Article database » Safe use of machinery » Guarding
Medway Council has just been fined £75,000 following an accident in which a member of staff lost two fingers. How did it happen and what can you learn from this case?
Coming to the wrong conclusions Publication date: 14.07.2008
Article database » Accident management/reporting » Investigation
When a member of staff cut their hand badly enough to prevent them from working for a few weeks, you decided that all open-bladed knives should be replaced with safety ones. Is this the right way to stop further accidents?
Q&A - How long should a risk assessment be? Publication date: 14.07.2008
Article database » Risk assessment » Risk assessment
Q. We’ve completed a risk assessment on one of our processes; however, we’re a bit worried that our record of the assessment is too short. Is there a minimum number of pages it should be? A. No, there’s no minimum. In fact, your aim should be to keep paperwork as short as possible. An inspector will be quite happy to see a succinct document, but...
Can we take our high-vis vests off please? Publication date: 14.07.2008
Article database » H&S management » Audit/review
You recently carried out a personal protective equipment (PPE) compliance spot check. During your inspection it became apparent that many staff were ignoring the rule about high-visibility vests. How should you deal with this?
Health and safety diary Publication date: 14.07.2008
Article database » H&S management » Reporting
It’s been suggested that you should keep a diary of all the health and safety- related work you do. If this is going to be a worthwhile exercise what sort of information should be recorded, and in what format?

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