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Q&A - do we need to PAT the radio? Publication date: 19.05.2009
Article database » Workplace » Electricity
Q. We allow staff to bring in portable radios to be used in our workplace. Do we have to add these items to our portable appliance test (PAT) register and arrange to have them tested? A. No. Such items can be considered to be of low risk and therefore only require a visual inspection. This should comprise checking the condition of the plug top; that...
Q&A - must we pay for additional eye tests? Publication date: 19.05.2009
Article database » Display screen equipment (DSE) » Eye tests
Q. To comply with our duties under the Health and Safety (Display Screen) Equipment Regulations 2002 , we offer all our staff who use PCs etc. the opportunity to have an eyesight test, paid for by the company. All tests are completed by a local optician, with whom we’ve negotiated a special rate. However, an employee who had a test three months ago...
CHAS compliant or accredited Publication date: 19.05.2009
Article database » Contracting » Selection
A potential client has stated that you can work for them only if you’ve passed the CHAS health and safety assessment process. However, there are two levels: compliant and accredited - which one should you go for?
Public event goes tragically wrong Publication date: 19.05.2009
Article database » Workplace » Case law
In 2006, members of the public were invited to walk through a large inflatable art work at a public event in County Durham. However, it went drastically wrong when a known control measure was overlooked. What’s to know?
Safe use of stepladders Publication date: 19.05.2009
Article database » Policies & Records » Checklist
Although many would have you believe that stepladders are banned, they’re not - you just have to use them safely. To help you do this, why not use our new sample stepladder checklist?
Sometimes, there are good reasons for PPE Publication date: 19.05.2009
Article database » Personal protective equipment (PPE) » Case law
An employee has been left permanently scarred when molten plastic sprayed onto his arms and face. How did the accident happen and what could have prevented it?
What’s in the water cooler? Publication date: 19.05.2009
Article database » Occupational health » Ill-health
A recent study has identified that a quarter of water dispensing systems tested failed to pass basic hygiene tests. So, what might be lurking in your water cooler and what do you need to do to avoid problems?
Managing the risks associated with trees Publication date: 19.05.2009
Article database » Workplace » Case law
You have some mature trees in the grounds of your business premises. Do you need to maintain them, or would a falling branch be regarded as an “act of God”. What do a number of cases indicate?
More inspectors for construction Publication date: 19.05.2009
Article database » Enforcement authorities » HSE
The HSE has announced that it will increase the number of construction industry inspectors by a third. When is this happening and how could it affect you?

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