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Q&A - can the CSCS test be taken online? Publication date: 08.07.2009
Article database » Construction » Competence
Q. We’ve heard that the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) health and safety test can now be taken online. Is this true? A. No. Although the test is PC-based, you must visit an approved test centre to take it. The reason for this is to ensure that it’s actually the applicant taking the test - not the company safety manager! Further...
Why has the key been left in the ignition? Publication date: 08.07.2009
Article database » Transport » Lift trucks
Control of vehicles. “You wouldn’t leave the keys in your car, so why not take them out of the ignition on the forklift?” - the exact words uttered by an inspector on one of our subscriber’s sites. It’s fair to say the inspector wasn’t happy. In fact, if our subscriber hadn’t managed to convince them this wasn’t something that usually...
When is health surveillance required? Publication date: 08.07.2009
Article database » Occupational health » Monitoring
According to a colleague, the requirement for health surveillance is listed in a number of pieces of health and safety legislation. So when must it be completed and what should it involve?
What’s lurking in your water tank? Publication date: 08.07.2009
Article database
If your building has a water cistern, it’s probably hidden away and barely given a second thought. However, it’s best for your staff and visitors that you check it’s not a health hazard. What should you look for?
“Help! I’m stuck in the lift” Publication date: 08.07.2009
Article database » Policies & Records » Checklist
Getting stuck in a lift is something that most of us dread. However, it does happen and those inside need to be rescued. So to ensure that everyone knows what to do in such an event, why not use our new lift rescue checklist?
Definition of an “employee” Publication date: 08.07.2009
Article database » H&S management » Case law
In a recent case, a property developer tried to wriggle out of a prosecution by claiming that health and safety legislation didn’t apply to him because he wasn’t the injured party’s employer. Did he get away with it?
The occasional client Publication date: 08.07.2009
Article database » Contracting » Competence
Constructing Excellence has released a new online tool which helps those who employ contractors on an occasional basis to understand their legal duties. What does it cover and should you use it?
Do you need to fit window restrictors? Publication date: 08.07.2009
Article database » Workplace » Case law
An organisation has recently been prosecuted for an accident caused by their failure to maintain window restrictors. Is this a new law and should all businesses fit these devices to their windows?
Changes to first aid training (at last) Publication date: 08.07.2009
Article database » Accident management/reporting » First aid
Finally, the HSE has made a decision on the future of first aid training. When are the changes coming in, and is it going to be noticeably different?

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