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HSE podcasts Publication date: 22.10.2009
Article database » Enforcement authorities » HSE
Information. If you’re bored with the content of your iPod or MP3 player, the HSE has a solution. You can download one of its health and safety podcasts. Really? Yes, we haven’t made this up! The HSE has actually made a number of “informative” health and safety podcasts. Tip. If you feel that you really have nothing better to do with your time...
Is asbestos as dangerous as the HSE claims? Publication date: 22.10.2009
Article database » Working with chemicals » Asbestos
Ad pulled. The HSE has recently been running a radio advertising campaign relating to the exposure of tradespeople to asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). However, the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has upheld a complaint, stating that the HSE were overestimating the numbers of deaths caused from exposure to ACMs. As a result, the campaign has...
More than just a rash Publication date: 22.10.2009
Article database » Occupational health » Skin
Although you might assume that dermatitis is nothing more than an annoying or uncomfortable rash, a recent case has proved otherwise. How serious can this condition be and how can you prevent staff from suffering with it?
Must you have your electrical installation checked? Publication date: 22.10.2009
Article database » Workplace » Electricity
You’ve been told that you must employ an electrician to carry out a thorough safety test on your electrical installation. Do you actually have a legal obligation to do this, or can you assume that everything is safe?
Your right to an extension Publication date: 22.10.2009
Article database » Enforcement authorities » Notice
If your business is served with an improvement notice, you must complete the necessary work within a prescribed timescale. But what if you know that you aren’t going to make it - is there anything you can do?
Do gas hoses last forever? Publication date: 22.10.2009
Article database » Workplace » Gas
We’re certainly not advocates of changing equipment for the sake of it, but making a hose that carries extremely flammable gas last for nearly 30 years is not wise or safe. When one company did just this, what was the result?
Insurance company audit of safety arrangements Publication date: 22.10.2009
Article database » Insurance » Employers' Insurance
Recently, many insurance companies have started making demands to check health and safety arrangements before they’ll offer cover. Why is this happening and what can you expect if you’re lined up for an audit?
Should you let staff choose their own PPE? Publication date: 22.10.2009
Article database » Personal protective equipment (PPE) » Miscellaneous
One of your managers is convinced that if you allow staff to choose the style of personal protective equipment (PPE) issued, you stand a better chance of them looking after and wearing it. Is this an option you should consider?
First aid training con Publication date: 22.10.2009
Article database » Accident management/reporting » First aid
You’ve been approached by a first aid training provider telling you it’s necessary to retrain staff immediately. Why is this, and must you do it?

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