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Q&A - is this construction work notifiable? Publication date: 09.11.2009
Article database » Construction » CDM 07
Q. We’re aware that if a construction project is set to last for more than 30 days, or 500 person days, the HSE must be notified of the works and the full extent of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM) apply (see The next step ). So, we were very pleased when we realised that a small job that we’re currently planning looks...
Q&A - what’s a calorifier? Publication date: 09.11.2009
Article database
Q. We recently had a legionella risk assessment completed by a specialist water hygiene company. They said that the calorifier temperature should be held at 60°C. What do they mean? A. In most small commercial buildings, a calorifier is just a fancy name for a hot water cylinder; a hot water storage vessel with a heat source. In many cases this will...
Food safety in small businesses Publication date: 09.11.2009
Article database » Environmental health » Food hygiene
A local authority environmental health officer has informed you that if food is prepared on your site, you must follow the Food Standards Agency (FSA) guide: Safer Food Better Business. If this is really the case, what does it involve?
Delivery weight exceeds your forklift truck’s capacity Publication date: 09.11.2009
Article database » Transport » Lift trucks
A load that’s too heavy for your forklift truck has arrived at your site. How should you go about unloading it and what steps can you take to prevent a similar problem in the future?
Safety harness checklist Publication date: 09.11.2009
Article database » Policies & Records » Checklist
If you’re issuing safety harnesses to your employees, you need to be sure that they’re in good condition, so that they don’t fail at the critical moment. To help you we’ve created a new checklist and record form.
Failure to identify asbestos roof Publication date: 09.11.2009
Article database » Working with chemicals » Asbestos
Two companies have been prosecuted after workers and members of the public were exposed to potentially dangerous brown asbestos fibres. How did this happen and could it have been prevented?
That’s not covered by your insurance Publication date: 09.11.2009
Article database » Insurance » Employers' Insurance
If your risk assessments etc. aren’t up to scratch, can your insurer refuse to pay out on claims made under your Employers’ Liability policy. If so, how can you prevent this from happening?
Too heavy for the job Publication date: 09.11.2009
Article database » Transport » Drivers
If you employ drivers who are on the large side, should you consider whether it’s safe to continue to do so? How might the recent experience of Stagecoach be replicated in your business?
What’s covered in your policy? Publication date: 09.11.2009
Article database » Enforcement authorities » Advice
The HSE has recently published a new sample health and safety policy. What’s different about this document and can you learn anything from it?

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