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Q&A - is my gas certificate invalid? Publication date: 03.12.2009
Article database » Workplace » Gas
Q. We recently had our gas boiler checked. The engineer gave us a certificate which confirms that everything’s OK, but it says CORGI at the top rather than Gas Safe Register. Is this valid? A. Yes. Engineers have been given permission to use up their supplies of CORGI triplicate pads. In fact, Gas Safe Register doesn’t issue its own paperwork, it...
Q&A - can we create fire doors by using a kit? Publication date: 03.12.2009
Article database » Fire safety » Fire doors
Q. We’ve heard that it’s possible to use special coatings to turn existing doors into fire doors. Is this true? A. Whilst there are “fire door conversion kits” available, they’re not advisable. The problem is that when you take an untrained person, a kit and a randomly selected door, it’s quite unlikely that you’ll do as good a job as...
Securing a harness to an eyebolt Publication date: 03.12.2009
Article database » Working at height » Harnesses
Your new window cleaning contractor has asked to see the inspection reports for the eyebolts that the harnesses are clipped to. He says that he can’t use them unless they’ve been tested. Is this true?
Overloading your vehicle could be costly Publication date: 03.12.2009
Article database » Transport » Vehicles
One of our subscribers was recently pulled over by an officer from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) because his company car was overloaded. What can be learned from his experience?
Preparing for an inspection Publication date: 03.12.2009
Article database » Policies & Records » Checklist
Although you won’t have time to do much, if you get wind that an inspector is set to descend on your premises, you can deal with the easy targets. To guide you through this process, why not use our brand new document?
Trapped, but no one knew Publication date: 03.12.2009
Article database » H&S management » Safe systems of work
An employee of Veetee Rice Ltd died as a result of injuries sustained whilst trapped in a silo. His employer was prosecuted, plus the HSE saw fit to issue a warning. How did the incident happen and could it have been prevented?
Shrinking laptops Publication date: 03.12.2009
Article database » Display screen equipment (DSE) » Laptop
One of your employees has requested a “netbook” instead of a normal size laptop. Apparently, it does the same job, but is lighter and easier to carry around. But does its size create other safety issues you need to deal with?
Different types of asbestos handling licences Publication date: 03.12.2009
Article database » Working with chemicals » Asbestos
Anyone who undertakes work involving asbestos must hold a licence for the job. Which authority issues them, how many different types are there, and what can happen if you employ someone who doesn’t hold one?
New joint inspection approach Publication date: 03.12.2009
Article database » Enforcement authorities » HSE
The prospect of an inspection by one enforcement body is bad enough, but if you’re unlucky, you could face one from three at once. What’s going on?

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