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Q&A - is it safe to fill tyres with nitrogen? Publication date: 04.01.2010
Article database » Transport » Vehicles
Q. One of our van drivers recently took his vehicle in to a garage for a puncture repair. However, he became concerned when he was told that the tyre had been inflated with a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen. He felt that this practice may be unsafe. So are his concerns justified? A. Not at all. Filling tyres with nitrogen is perfectly safe. In fact,...
Q&A - can we install a roller shutter door? Publication date: 04.01.2010
Article database » Fire safety » Fire doors
Q. We have experienced several break-ins recently with the route of entry being through a rear fire exit door. One option to improve security is to fit an internal roller shutter door to the fire exit door. The shutter would be raised whilst the building is occupied and lowered at night. Would this contravene current fire legislation? A. No, but only...
Client prosecuted for employing unsafe contractor Publication date: 04.01.2010
Article database » Construction » Client
A property developer has recently been prosecuted and fined by the HSE because he employed a contractor who wasn’t capable of completing work safely. What can be learned from this particular case?
Formal inspections covered by an insurance policy Publication date: 04.01.2010
Article database » Insurance » Miscellaneous
You’ve heard that you can satisfy a number of specific legal requirements which relate to lifting equipment and save money, by investing in an engineering insurance policy. Do you really need this type of cover?
Do your staff need screen break software? Publication date: 04.01.2010
Article database » Display screen equipment (DSE) » RSI
You know that staff who use a PC for most of the day need to take regular screen breaks. To ensure they do, you’ve heard that installing software which prompts staff to take a break is the best option. Is this really the case?
Fined for leaving scaffolding up too long Publication date: 04.01.2010
Article database » Working at height » Scaffolding
The death of a seven-year-old, who’d managed to gain access to scaffolding, led to a successful prosecution by the HSE. What had the contractor done wrong, and how can you prevent a similarly tragic accident?
The General Election campaign starts now Publication date: 04.01.2010
Article database » H&S management » Miscellaneous
On December 1 2009, the Conservative Party leader, David Cameron, outlined his vision for changing the way health and safety issues are managed. What did he say, and how might his proposals affect your business?
The HSE is stressing stress, again! Publication date: 04.01.2010
Article database » Occupational health » Stress
You’ve heard that the HSE is talking about stress for the umpteenth time and has created some new “tools” which it thinks you’re going to find invaluable. You reckon that’s pretty unlikely, but should you be taking notice?
Record fine for fire offences Publication date: 04.01.2010
Article database » Fire safety » Fire risk assessment
High street retailer, New Look, has just been hit with a record £400,000 fine, following a fire at one of its stores. What happened?

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