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Q&A - does a forklift need a tax disc? Publication date: 19.02.2010
Article database » Transport » Lift trucks
Q. We’ve heard that because we occasionally use our forklift just outside our premises to unload vehicles, we need to register it with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), and the relevant duty must be paid. Is this really the case? A. Unfortunately, this is true - all vehicles driven on the public highway must be registered with the DVLA....
Q&A - will all drivers need eye tests? Publication date: 19.02.2010
Article database » Occupational health » Eyesight
Q. We’ve heard that new regulations are coming in which will mean that staff who drive on work business will need to have their eyes tested every five years. Is this true? A. Sometime from 2011 but before 2013 changes to driving regulations will mean that licences have to be renewed periodically - five-yearly for category C and D vehicles, and possibly...
Do you need a defibrillator? Publication date: 19.02.2010
Article database » Accident management/reporting » First aid
It’s been suggested that it’s a legal requirement to have a defibrillator on site, so that anyone who’s had a heart attack can receive instant treatment. Is this really the case?
The HSE publishes the survey guide Publication date: 19.02.2010
Article database » Working with chemicals » Asbestos
The HSE has finally published its revised guidance on how asbestos surveys should be completed. Are there any significant differences from the previous documentation, and what, if any, impact could it have for you?
Assessing site-specific risks Publication date: 19.02.2010
Article database » Policies & Records » Risk assessment
Sometimes, when you arrive on a new site you’ll be faced with hazards that you weren’t expecting. To record how you will deal with them, why not use our brand new document: risk assessment - site-specific risks?
Is your mezzanine floor about to collapse? Publication date: 19.02.2010
Article database » Workplace » Case law
A recent case, the result of a mezzanine floor collapse, has highlighted the importance of ensuring that they’re not overloaded. If you have one, how can you check its capacity and avoid putting too much on it?
Risk assessment for pregnant staff - what’s happening? Publication date: 19.02.2010
Article database » Risk assessment » Risk assessment
A recent Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) judgment suggests that you may no longer need to carry out risk assessments for pregnant staff. But should you really follow this decision?
Are your extinguishers being serviced properly? Publication date: 19.02.2010
Article database » Fire safety » Extinguisher
It’s come to light that some maintenance contractors aren’t completing discharge tests on foam fire extinguishers. Why is this and how can you identify whether these tests are being completed properly?
The end of “no win, no fee”? Publication date: 19.02.2010
Article database » Insurance » Claim management
Apparently, proposed changes to the legal system in England and Wales mean that health safety cases will be handled differently. What’s to know?

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