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Headaches from hard hats Publication date: 13.04.2010
Article database » Personal protective equipment (PPE) » Hard hats
As you’ve had a number of complaints about your rule which requires staff to wear a hard hat at all times, you’ve been looking for an alternative option. Is there anything suitable you could try?
Q&A - what colour cable? Publication date: 13.04.2010
Article database » Safe use of machinery » Miscellaneous
Q. We appreciate that this might be an obvious question, but what colour should the cable be on electrical hand tools which are suitable to be used on a construction site? A. The standard in the construction industry is for electrical hand tools, i.e. drills etc., to use a 110V electrical supply. The cables for such products should be yellow. Note....
Ladder too short? Put it on the lorry! Publication date: 13.04.2010
Article database » Working at height » Ladders
Contractor. One of our subscribers recently contacted us to tell us about the antics of a contractor they had hired. A roofing and maintenance company had been employed to check the guttering on their site and make repairs where necessary. However, how they chose to do it left our subscriber dumbstruck. Innovative employees. It appears that the guttering...
Do we have to report cases of RSI to the HSE? Publication date: 13.04.2010
Article database » Enforcement authorities » RIDDOR reporting centre
One of your staff has been complaining for a while about aching arms which she says is caused by work. Now she’s told you that she has repetitive strain injury and that you have to report it to the HSE. Is this true?
Building falling apart Publication date: 13.04.2010
Article database » Workplace » Case law
Recently, a 100kg pane of glass fell from the Alexandra Tower development in Liverpool. Fortunately, no one was injured, but the local council has taken enforcement action. What can be learned from this case?
LPG safety Publication date: 13.04.2010
Article database » Policies & Records » Checklist
The HSE has recently announced that its inspectors and those from local authorities will be completing 3,000 inspections focused on LPG installations. If your site could be on the HSE’s list, you need our new LPG checklist.
Yet another reversing vehicle fatality Publication date: 13.04.2010
Article database » Transport » Case law
Both a council and a contractor have been heavily fined following the death of a worker on a road maintenance project. How did the accident happen and what steps should have been taken to prevent it?
Do you need software to manage legionella? Publication date: 13.04.2010
Article database » News » News
You’ve recently been offered a software package that’s supposed to help you to manage the risks associated with legionella bacteria. Do you need a product such as this, or are there better options available?
Safe & sound at work Publication date: 13.04.2010
Article database » Enforcement authorities » HSE
The latest campaign to hit the HSE’s website is focused on employee involvement. How will it play out and is there anything in it for you?

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