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Q&A - how long can we keep food out for? Publication date: 23.04.2010
Article database » Environmental health » Food hygiene
Q. We use an outside caterer to bring in cold food, such as sandwiches, for meetings etc. How long can it be left out of the fridge for? A. Food which is intended to be served cold should be kept in a fridge, i.e. at or below 8ºC, for as long as possible. Once it’s out, try to keep it in a relatively cool place and use within a maximum of four hours....
New regulations - optical radiation Publication date: 23.04.2010
Article database » News » News
What’s in? The Control of Artificial Optical Radiation at Work Regulations 2010 which came into effect on April 27 2010, are the result of an EU Directive which requires the control of intense sources of artificial light. No change. The HSE is very concerned to stress that the vast majority of light sources are known to be safe, so most businesses...
Must you do a risk assessment for homeworking? Publication date: 23.04.2010
Article database » Risk assessment » Risk assessment
At a recent conference, Lord Young, who is currently reviewing health and safety for the Conservative Party, described the process of completing a risk assessment for those who work at home as nonsense. Does his opinion count?
Cherry picker overturns Publication date: 23.04.2010
Article database » Safe use of machinery » Case law
When a cherry picker overturned, the operator suffered serious injuries. The HSE investigated and his employer was prosecuted and fined. How did the accident happen and how can you avoid a similar fate?
What will a General Election do for health and safety? Publication date: 23.04.2010
Article database » H&S management » Miscellaneous
What impact might a new government have on health and safety legislation? And whatever the outcome, is there anything you should be doing to prepare?
Earache Publication date: 23.04.2010
Article database » Noise » PPE
A couple of employees have come to you complaining that the hearing protection they wear on a daily basis is causing them discomfort. One even stated that it’s led to an ear infection. What should you do about this?
The HSE’s ART tool Publication date: 23.04.2010
Article database » Manual handling » Risk assessment
The HSE has launched a free to download tool to help businesses carry out risk assessments for repetitive tasks. Using it should help in the prevention of upper limb disorders. How does it work and should you use it?
Is lead as bad as asbestos? Publication date: 23.04.2010
Article database » Working with chemicals » Lead
There’s been much talk about lead in recent months - including the HSE being accused of not taking the risks associated with it seriously. So is lead as dangerous as asbestos, and if so, should you be stripping your building now?
Fire safety capabilities Publication date: 23.04.2010
Article database » Fire safety » Fire safety order (FSO)
The government has just issued new regulations that deal with staff competence regarding who manages fire safety issues. What’s to know?

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