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Shut that fire door! Publication date: 18.05.2010
Article database » Fire safety » Enforcement
Every little helps. A small fire in a Tesco store in London turned out to be very costly to the retailer - not through damage and loss of sales, but in court fines. This was because when the London Fire Brigade attended the store, an officer spotted fire doors propped open and fire exit routes blocked. On a follow-up visit, inspectors identified a number...
Q&A - must we keep gas cylinder storage clear? Publication date: 18.05.2010
Article database » Workplace » Gas
Q. We’ve recently had a visit from a local authority health and safety officer who told us that we had to clear out the leaves and litter which had blown into the LPG cylinder store. Is this really necessary or are they just being picky? A. The advice is correct. Official guidance concerning the storage of LPG in cages makes it clear that, “the...
Reported to the HSE by their insurer Publication date: 18.05.2010
Article database » Insurance » Employers' Insurance
A disgruntled subscriber has informed us that their insurer reported them to the HSE which resulted in an inspector being sent to their site. Why did this happen, and how can you prevent a similar situation?
Artificial optical radiation regulations Publication date: 18.05.2010
Article database
The new Control of Artificial Optical Radiation at Work Regulations 2010 came into force on April 27 2010. Do they include anything that you should be worried about, and, if so, what might you need to do to comply?
HSE expectations for machinery maintenance Publication date: 18.05.2010
Article database » Enforcement authorities » HSE
Our mole at the HSE has given us the low-down on what an inspector will want to see with regard to machinery maintenance arrangements. What did he tell us and what steps should you take following his advice?
What does the “tracking back” process involve? Publication date: 18.05.2010
Article database » Construction » CDM 07
You’ve heard that following an accident, or even during a general inspection, an inspector can go through the “tracking back” procedure. Why are they doing this, what does it involve and how might it affect you?
New directors’ duties shelved Publication date: 18.05.2010
Article database » H&S management » Organisation
An attempt was recently made to introduce additional health and safety legislation to impose strict liability on directors. However, as we predicted, it failed. So what does this mean for directors - are they off the hook?
New mobile crane guidance produced Publication date: 18.05.2010
Article database » Safe use of machinery » Lifting operations
The Construction Plant-hire Association has produced new guidance material which covers operating a mobile crane in windy conditions. What’s the legal status of this material and what impact will it have on crane use?
Are you “fit” for work? Publication date: 18.05.2010
Article database » Occupational health » Medical checks
GPs are now issuing “fit notes” to get sick staff back into the workplace. Will these create any safety issues, and if so, how should you deal with them?

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