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HSE website updates Publication date: 16.06.2010
Article database » Enforcement authorities » HSE
Been busy. It appears that the HSE’s web team have been hard at work over recent months - they’ve just completed two updates on construction and woodworking (see The next step ). Tip. We’ve been through the updated pages to see what’s new. In both cases the changes are mostly superficial. However, if your business is in either of these sectors,...
Q&A - do we need to keep old fire documents? Publication date: 16.06.2010
Article database » Fire safety » Fire certificates
Q. We’ve come across some old fire safety records, including a copy of a fire certificate. Should we keep or bin them? A. Unless you’re likely to have any kind of court case relating to the fire safety of the building, then it’s not necessary to keep old servicing and testing records. The usual practice is to keep records of extinguisher and alarm...
Insurance companies becoming awkward? Publication date: 16.06.2010
Article database » Insurance » Employers' Insurance
Following a recent survey on your health and safety arrangements by your insurer, you’ve been requested to implement policies, procedures and assessments that you don’t feel you need. How should you deal with this?
Is it OK to lend our ladders to contractors? Publication date: 16.06.2010
Article database » Contracting » Management
During recent redecoration work you discovered that your contractors were working from stepladders which were clearly not big enough for the job. It seemed safer to lend them yours. Did you do the right thing?
What can we store in a corridor? Publication date: 16.06.2010
Article database » Fire safety » Emergency arrangements
You’re tight for space in the office and although it’s something you’ve tried to avoid in the past, you’re wondering whether to store some items in the corridor. Can you do it, and if so, what do you need to take into consideration?
Watch out for overhead hazards Publication date: 16.06.2010
Article database » Workplace » Case law
Although incidents involving overhead power lines are frequently associated with construction projects, a recent case has highlighted that they can happen at any workplace. What can be learned from this particular case?
Safety issues with hire tools Publication date: 16.06.2010
Article database » Safe use of machinery » Purchasing/selection
A recent investigation conducted by the consumer organisation Which?, has identified that some hire companies are allowing potentially unsafe tools to go out. What’s to know?
Do first aiders need inoculations? Publication date: 16.06.2010
Article database » Accident management/reporting » First aid
A long-standing first aider has just asked whether he should have had inoculations to protect him from blood-borne viruses before he took on the role. Does he need them now?
World Cup hangover Publication date: 16.06.2010
Article database » Occupational health » Drugs/alcohol
According to the charity Drinkaware, over 500,000 employees regularly turn up to work hungover. Is this a safety issue, and if so, what must you do about it?

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