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Own goal for government fire department Publication date: 02.07.2010
Article database » Fire safety » Enforcement
The department with responsibility for overseeing fire safety policy in England and Wales has been served with an enforcement notice for fire safety failings. What had it done wrong and how can you avoid following suit?
Q&A - must we test our extraction? Publication date: 02.07.2010
Article database » Working with chemicals » COSHH
Q. We’ve been told that if we fail to test our local exhaust ventilation (LEV) extraction systems, we could be prosecuted. Is this likely? A. Prosecution is unlikely. However, as testing the air flows of LEV systems every 14 months is a specific requirement of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1999 , those that are found not...
European safety week 2010 - maintenance Publication date: 02.07.2010
Article database » Enforcement authorities » Campaigns
Announcement. The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work has just announced that its focus for 2010/11 is safe maintenance (see The next step ). Last year its focus was risk assessment. What will happen? Although we expect many of our European neighbours to do almost nothing about this, as usual it’s different in the UK. The HSE has already...
What’s the minimum training to drive a forklift? Publication date: 02.07.2010
Article database » Safe use of machinery » Training
You’ve been looking at forklift truck training for your warehouse supervisor. However, all of the courses available are really in-depth and last for days. Do you really need to send your member of staff on such a course?
What is a “lock out - tag out” system? Publication date: 02.07.2010
Article database
You want to make sure that power is safely isolated before your maintenance staff work on machinery. You’ve heard that a good way of doing this is to follow a “lock out - tag out” procedure. What is this?
On the right foot Publication date: 02.07.2010
Article database » Personal protective equipment (PPE) » Protective footwear
Selecting protective footwear used to be a relatively simple process. However, there are now many styles and levels of protection, which makes the task trickier. So to help you make the right choice, why not use our new checklist?
Companies pay £800k for lift death Publication date: 02.07.2010
Article database » Workplace » Case law
A health club and its lift contractor have been ordered to pay substantial fines after a woman was killed by a faulty lift. What happened and what can be learned from this case?
Is the HSE about to be scrapped? Publication date: 02.07.2010
Article database » Enforcement authorities » HSE
The press has recently featured many reports on how health and safety enforcement is set to change. Some have even suggested that the future of the HSE may be in doubt. What’s happening and how might you be affected?
Legionnaires’ disease from cars? Publication date: 02.07.2010
Article database » News » News
A study by the Health Protection Agency which links car washer jets and legionella has recently been published. Is there anything in this?

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